Diaries of the heart

Diaries of the heart is an ongoing project experimenting with double exposure and the use of over laying text. The use of poetry from authors such as Rupi Karn the author of 'Milk and Honey' has pushed me towards trying to create a series of images that reflects my feelings towards and about difficult and live changing times in my life.

Part |

A reflection of my consent inner conflict between a life in the city (home) and a life beside the coast.

Part ||

The difficult loss of my father and the longing for a complete family once again.

Part |||

Facing the decision of leaving university to live in London to try and suceed in a dying industry with a partner or heading home to a life so similar to before univerisity.

Part ||||

The feeling of inner peace and understanding after making a decision that I never thought I could go through with.

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