First Year of University (Summary)

So finally, after nine months of hard work I have completed my first year of studying Commercial Photography at University! So much has changed since September's last post, so let me fill you in!

I have been living in Discovery Heights halls (owned by Unite) and I have had the most amazing nine months there! Halls is fab because there is always someone doing something and it's very hard to feel alone when you have so many fun people only floors away! My only advice for halls is buy slippers (koala ones tend to be the best!) as shoes are just un-needed when you are wondering from flat to flat and even Tesco.


(Beautiful view from my Bedroom on the ninth floor of Discovery Heights)

I was extremely lucky to have met such a lovely group of people within the first few days of moving to Plymouth and have had countless parties, meals and gatherings together. Living with five guys has been a lot of fun as well and having the girls only a floor away was delightful, I have been so incredibly lucky this year! I am just so sad to have left Disco now, but in September we will be moving into a house just a road away from the Uni so that is bound to be fun!


(Pre-drinks at Freshers September)

As far as my studies and I am so pleased to be saying that I am currently on a 2:1! (With a few more grades currently pending!) I can not fit into words how much I have learnt this first year! A lot of the time you don't even realise how much you are learning until you look back over your work from nine months before and you will be left speechless! College has been great, being so small everyone is very friendly and the Uni encourages you to learn other creative practices. I had the pleasure of learning book making over a 12 week period down in illistration, this kickstarted 'The Heart Project' (more information on my projects page).


(Uni trip to St. Ives with Billie)

Partying in Plymouth has been a blast, there are a few nights of the week that are better than others, Walkabout on a Wednesday is a great shout, Oceana is best on a Friday and Cuba is a strong choice on a Friday/Saturday! Though most of the time I am quite happy to stay in at a flat party and in halls every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday is a party.


So yes, I have had a fabulous first year at Uni and can not wait for my second year to begin! For now and over the summer its just about finding a little summer job to save up for travelling in my gap year!

Much Love,

Jess xxx


(Summer Business Ball with Rach)