Croyde Bay, 2014

I have now discovered my love for the sea, which for anyone who knows me, would have known that before this summer that love was very non-existant. Having spent a peaceful weekend beside the sea with some lovely people, I have now learnt (the basics) of body boarding!

Without a doubt Croyde Bay is a surfer's dream. If you are ever lucky enough to get the chance to visit the charming little bay then I certainly would recommend Ralph's for renting your board and suit, as it's ran by such lovely knowledgable people and their prices are much lower than some of the other surf rental places around the village. Billy's.. oh Billy's.. the size of the burgers, meaty nanchos and pizzas would have you believing you were in America.

This summer has changed my opinion of the sea so much, not just abroad but of the British coast aswell, I can't imagine a life not lving beside it. Next on my list is to try is surfing. Which will hopefully happen next summer but who knows where! If you ever get the chance to go to Croyde Bay.. TAKE IT!

Jess x x

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