A-Level Results

It's been ages since my last post, so for that I do apologise. Since results day everything has been pretty busy... First of all I PASSED MY EXAMS! Meaning I have managed to secure my place at Plymouth college of art for this following September to study Commercial photography. Due to this positive news lots of other things have been happening in the meantime. I have now upgraded from my Google Chrome to a Macbook Pro yay! This worked well in both mine and my younger sisters favour!

To celebrate on results night me and the gang went to Syndicate for a beach party, lets face it you have to be at a certain level of drunk for Syndicate to be a good time but it really was a lovely night. Not because of the 'kind-of-celeb-celebrities' running around ripping their shirts off and pouring Grey Goose down themselves like water, but because (nearly) the whole gang made it out together and into one club.

Since this day of miracles I have had countless visits to IKEA, lots of list writing and form filling in preperation for the big move.

Not long to go now!

Jess x x

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