Back in Bristol

After a week here, a week there I have barely spent any time at home recently! So it was really lovely to just spend a week relaxing at home.

Sometimes you forget what hidden gems are on your doorstep, such as good old Bristol zoo. This has been one of my favourite places ever since I was tiny, going back there after such a long time was a complete shock everything was so different! The zoo now boasts an impressive selection of interactive enclosures such as the butterfly garden (my favourite!), walking with Lemurs and the newest part a glass ceiling to the gorilla enclosure so you can see the large creatures wondering above you! It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning! Stubbornly I decided not to take my camera as I felt I had taken so many photographs of animals recently however I couldn't help myself in the butterfly enclosure! I don't have the newest iphone so it takes a little while to focus sometimes but I feel the photos came out pretty well for a smartphone!

The rest of the week I spent clearing out my room (something I've been wanting to do for ages!) and making pretty things! Tuesday evening I had my supervisor from works baby shower/leaving get together and so I decided to bake a cake. I must admit cooking is really not my strongest point however with a little help from my sister and the cake decorating aisle in sainsbury's I managed to conjure up something and it didn't taste too bad either!

Hope you are having a good week! Only two weeks until results ekkkk!

Jess x

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